Natural Flake Graphite / Synthetic Graphite Powder / Artificial Graphite

Natural Flake Graphite / Synthetic Graphite Powder / Artificial Graphite
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We provide customers with high-quality, high-tech, and high-profile 100 mesh expandable graphite, Expandable Graphite china, 85% Natural flake graphite, hoping to continuously improve our reputation. With perfect after-sales service, we have formed a new situation of long-term cooperation and common development. We have long adhered to the strategic positioning of taking the road of high technology and high quality development. We firmly believe that product quality is a comprehensive reflection of science and technology, staff quality and management level. We have an excellent team, excellent performance, first-class products and services, and good social responsibility, which are highly respected by society and highly recognized by customers and employees.

Spherical Graphite

Spherical Graphite is the anode material of choice in the booming battery business offering superior charge efficiency, energy density and cell capacity. It is either used in its natural form, as synthetic graphite or as a modified natural, so called spherical graphite (SG) material finding widespread application in lithium-iron batteries used in grid-attached residential and industrial energy storage solutions, eletric vehicles (EVs) as well as portable consumer electronics devices.

Higher density in the battery;
Better rate capacity;
Longer life.
Lower cost.

D50/10um; D50/15um; D50/18um; D50/23um

25kg small bags; or 1000kg bulk bags;

Delivery Time:
In one month after the order

Payment Terms:
T/T  or  L/C  

Welcome to buy high quality and cheap bulk purified spherical graphite used in li-ion batteries made in China in stock with our factory - one of the well-known manufacturers and suppliers from China. We have professional plant at your service. You can also get the customized purified spherical graphite used in li-ion batteries wholesale service at low price with our producer.

We have experienced and highly skilled employees. We provide customers with the best Natural Flake Graphite / Synthetic Graphite Powder / Artificial Graphite solutions based on the business philosophy of 'taking leading the industry standard as the foundation of business survival'. We are committed to delivering high-quality products and thoughtful service to domestic and international customers with the belief of customer satisfaction is our highest standard. We firmly believe that companies need to take sustainable development issues seriously and integrate them into company management.
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