What Is The Foreground Of Spherical Graphite New Material Industry?

What is the foreground of Spherical Graphite new material industry?

Spherical Graphite material supplier Spherical Graphite material is the indispensable functional base material for the development of modern industrial technology, and has the reputation of "black gold". Pencil and pencil, lithium ion battery, and car battery. Even the concept of the future technology of the concept of flexible mobile phones, all of which are Spherical Graphite, the new material world "beloved" made.

It is understood that Spherical Graphite has abundant resources and great potential for development. In recent years, the construction of Spherical Graphite industrial parks has begun to take shape, and the industrial chain has gradually expanded and extended a deep processing boom.

1. The advantages of resources are unique and the industry has begun to scale

According to the understanding of Spherical Graphite materials, Spherical Graphite resources are abundant and widely distributed, which is an important production base of Spherical Graphite products in China. According to the current proved reserves, China holds 72 percent of the world's Spherical Graphite reserves, while the Spherical Graphite source accounts for around 64 percent of the country's reserves, and the production capacity of the country accounts for about 70 percent of the country's total output. The industrial park and the Spherical Graphite industrial park are two provincial-level industrial parks, with nearly 50 enterprises in the industry, which has become the largest production area of Spherical Graphite and the center of Spherical Graphite processing technology.

2. The prospect of deep processing market for Spherical Graphite products is broad

Spherical Graphite products deep processing of market prospects, the technical personnel of Spherical Graphite industry park coarse calculated brushstroke zhang: according to the country put forward 2020 electric cars accounted for 10% of all traffic development goals, by then, China's auto production will reach 40 million units, including electric cars for 4 million. According to the 20-kilogram calculation of the battery negative material of each hybrid car, four million hybrid cars, each equipped with three batteries, will drive the production scale of 240,000 tons of negative material. In 2013, the production of Spherical Graphite powder was 390,000 tons, and Spherical Graphite was made from fine powder into lithium ion battery cathode materials, and the price per ton in the market rose from 3,000 yuan to 70,000 yuan. The market potential is huge.

3. Back to the rich resources, face to the bright future.

Lists a listing for the development of Spherical Graphite industry chain, in the 12th five-year plan period, through investment, technical cooperation, focus on developing the Spherical Graphite powder, Spherical Graphite, coated Spherical Graphite anode materials -- - battery anode materials industry chain, the Spherical Graphite powder, expandable Spherical Graphite, expansion of Spherical Graphite sealing material industrial chain, sealing materials, seals, Spherical Graphite powder, high purity Spherical Graphite, silicon carbide, abrasive, hard material industry chain of PDC three industrial chain. The plan is to make more than 10 billion yuan for Spherical Graphite products at the end of the 12th five-year plan.

Spherical Graphite, due to its special structure, has the following special properties:

1, high temperature resistance: the melting point of Spherical Graphite for 3850 + 50 ℃, boiling point is 4250 ℃, even by the ultra high temperature arc ignition, weight loss is small, thermal expansion coefficient is small. Spherical Graphite with temperature increase and strengthen the intensity, at 2000 ℃, the intensity of Spherical Graphite double.

2. Conduction and thermal conductivity: the conductivity of Spherical Graphite is 100 times higher than non-metallic ore. Thermal conductivity exceeds steel, iron, lead and other metal materials. The thermal conductivity decreases with the increase of temperature, even at extremely high temperature, the Spherical Graphite is adiabatic.

3. Lubrication: the lubricating property of Spherical Graphite is determined by the size of Spherical Graphite scales. The larger the scale, the smaller the friction coefficient and the better lubrication performance.

4. Chemical stability: Spherical Graphite has good chemical stability under normal temperature, which can resist acid, alkali and organic solvent.

5. Plasticity: Spherical Graphite has good toughness and can be thin thin.

6. Thermal shock resistance: Spherical Graphite can withstand the drastic change of temperature when used at normal temperature without damaging the temperature. When the temperature is abrupt, the volume of Spherical Graphite is small and no crack is produced.