What Are The Precautions For Spherical Graphite?

What are the precautions for Spherical Graphite?
1, by the wet Spherical Graphite, before use to dry.
      2, remove the spare Spherical Graphite hole on the foam protective cap, check the electrode hole thread is complete.
      3, with no oil and water compressed air to clean spare Spherical Graphite surface and hole thread; to avoid the use of steel wire or metal brush cloth cleaning.
      4. Do not touch the threads in the electrode holes where the joint is carefully screwed into the end of the spare Spherical Graphite (the electrode is not recommended to be directly attached to the furnace).
      5, the electrode spreader (recommended the use of graphite material spreader) screw into the other side of the electrode electrode electrode hole.
      6, lifting the electrode, the mat soft objects to the bottom of the alternate electrode assembly to prevent the ground to break the joints; with a hook into the spreader after the lifting ring, lifting the electrode to be smooth, to prevent the electrode from the B-loose Off or collide with other fixtures.
      7, the backup electrode hanging to the top of the electrode to be connected to the electrode hole slowly after the fall; rotating the backup electrode, so that the screw hook and the electrode with the rotation down; in the two electrode end distance 10-20mm, again with compressed air Clean the two ends of the electrode and the exposed part of the joint; in the final complete discharge of the electrode, not too much, or because of violent collision, will lead to electrode holes and joints of the thread damage.
      8. Tighten the backup electrode with a torque wrench until the ends of the two electrodes are in close contact (the correct connection of the electrode and the connector is less than 0.05 mm).
Graphite is very common in nature, and graphene is the highest strength of human known substances, but scientists may still need to spend several years or even decades to find a kind of graphite into large tracts of high quality graphene film method , So that they can be used to make a variety of useful material for human beings. According to scientists, graphene in addition to exceptionally strong, but also has a series of unique features, graphene or is currently known the most excellent conductive material, which makes it in the field of microelectronics also has great potential applications. Researchers even see graphene as a substitute for silicon and can be used to produce future supercomputers.
For those who clean up the material, you can boil in dilute hydrochloric acid or dilute nitric acid Note that hydrochloric acid used in the use of nitric acid, nitrate, halogen until the oxidant. If dilute nitric acid is still not washed, then with potassium pyrophosphate, sodium carbonate or borax melting melt.

Spherical Graphite need to keep clean, inside and outside should be bright, after a long burning, the crucible appearance may be dejected, the course of time will be deep into the internal crucible caused by fragile rupture, it must be clear and not clean things. Such as there are still five points or the surface of Ukraine, then with 100 mesh through the sharp edges and corners of the fine sand, with water to gently rub, so that the surface back to luster.