Types Of Expanded Graphite

Flexible graphite sealing materials according to their use, can be divided into two categories: one for all kinds of pumps, valves, seals on the reactor filling; the other is used for a variety of gaskets for pipe flange graphite.

① packing

Packing is cut to the appropriate width and length of the winding in different specifications of expanded graphite in metal mold, directly in the press forming of preformed packing, suitable for various globe valve, gate valve, control valve, ball valve, and valve.

② gasket

Can generally be classified into two kinds, one is pure graphite gaskets, it is made of expanded graphite pellets directly on the metal mould pressing, punching or cutting for expanded graphite sheet can also be used directly from; other graphite spiral wound gasket, is a metal band and overlap volume of expanded graphite, and can be used under high pressure.

③ graphite packing

Graphite packing with cotton with graphite or graphite fiber volume foil weave of sealing material. Graphite packing with cotton core (SPM) applied pressure is 12MPa, temperature 200 ℃ below of piping, valves, pump seals, contact medium is water, tap water, ground water, sea water, oil, etc. Graphite packing with graphite fiber core (SPS) applied pressure is 12MPa, 350 ℃ the following pipes, valves, pump seals, contact outside of water, oil, media, you can also contact with acids and bases.