The Superiority Of Expanded Graphite

The superiority of Expanded Graphite
One, no radiation pollution. Expanded Graphite does not contain harmful ingredients to the human body, and asbestos products have radiation hazards, and also pollute the environment.
Second, high temperature. Expanded Graphite reinforced composite gasket can withstand 1650 ℃ high temperature, even if the chemical equipment melting, it is still safe and sound. And asbestos products at 500 ℃ when the internal crystallization of water will break down, so that their own powder, loss of effectiveness.
Third, a wide range of applications. Expanded Graphite in addition to strong oxidizing acid, the ability and most of the chemical medium, including for radioactive chemical media, and asbestos products, poor compliance, can not be used for radioactive media. Some chemical towers, heat exchangers, etc., require convergence parts are not insulated, Expanded Graphite can do, stone products can not.
Fourth, the use of simple and quick. Expanded Graphite gasket factor only half of the asbestos products, that is, to reach the same seal effect, tighten the strength of the screw can be much smaller. In addition to the above-mentioned clear characteristics of the expansion of graphite, but also has excellent sealing function, tightness, good flexibility, good oxidation resistance, with strong self-lubricating and plasticity, but also has good conductivity, serious, Characteristics, can create a variety of adjustment of diesel engines, compressors and other types of pipes, such as flange gasket.
How to distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages of Expanded Graphite?
1. The flexural strength of the data
The flexural strength of the data is an indirect representation of the intensity of the data, showing the rigorous level of the external structure of the data. High strength of the data, the discharge loss of the function is absolutely better, on the high precision electrode, try to choose a better strength of the information. For example: TTK-4 can meet the requirements of ordinary electronic connector mold, but some special precision requirements of the electronic connector mold, you can use the same particle size, but the strength of slightly higher data TTK-5 information.
2. Data of Shore hardness
In the view of the submerged graphite view, the expansion of graphite will generally be considered a relatively soft data. But the actual test data and the use of the situation shows that the hardness of Expanded Graphite than metal data. In the special expansion of the graphite industry, the common hardness test specification is Shore hardness measurement method, the test principle and the metal test principle is different. Due to the layered structure of the Expanded Graphite, it has a very superior cutting function in the cutting process. The cutting force is only about 1/3 of the copper material, and the appearance after machining is easy to handle.
However, due to the high hardness of the Expanded Graphite, the cutting loss of the tool will be slightly greater than that of the cutting metal during cutting. At the same time, the hardness of the data in the discharge loss control is better. In our EDM information system, the use of more information on the same size of the two materials are available to choose from, a slightly higher hardness of Expanded Graphite, a slightly lower hardness to meet a variety of different requirements Customer demand. Such as: uniform particle size of 5μm information, ISO-63 and TTK-50; uniform particle size of 4μm information, TTK-4 and TTK-5; uniform particle size of 2μm information, TTK-8 and TTK -9. The second is to think about the variety of customers on the discharge and the direction of the processing of the machine.
3. Average particle diameter of Expanded Graphite data
The uniform particle diameter of the Expanded Graphite data indirectly affects the discharge of the data. The smaller the uniformity of the data, the more average the discharge of the data, the more resolute the discharge, the better the appearance quality.