The Principle And Advantages Of Expanded Graphite As Flame Retardant

The Principle and Advantages of Expanded Graphite as Flame Retardant
 Expanded Graphite in recent years, the demand is very large, from the Expanded Graphite in the industrial use of a lot of places. Expanded Graphite as a good flame retardant, planted in various fields of industry, Expanded Graphite as a flame retardant principle is what, what advantage it, today's small series of graphite for everyone to talk about:
    Expanded Graphite is a good flame retardant plastic material, which has a halogen-free, non-toxic, non-polluting and other characteristics, used alone or mixed with other flame retardants can achieve the desired flame retardant effect. The principle of its role is: at high temperatures, the rapid Expanded Graphite expansion, suffocating the flame, while its formation of graphite bulging material covered in the substrate surface, isolated from the thermal radiation and oxygen contact; the sandwich within the acid root release Out, but also to promote the carbonization of the substrate, which through a variety of flame retardant way to achieve good results.
    Expanded Graphite to achieve the same flame retardant effect, the amount is much smaller than ordinary flame retardants. And the chemical properties of Expanded Graphite is relatively stable, there will be no side effects. At present, the Expanded Graphite has been widely used for flame retardant polyurethane, flame retardant polyolefin, flame retardant rubber, flame retardant polyphenylene plastic, flame retardant carbonate oligomers, flame retardant asphalt and flame retardant cables and so on.
  Expanded Graphite is one of the most widely used flake graphite products in modern industry. Many products need to be completed by means of Expanded Graphite in the production process. The extensive use of Expanded Graphite is closely related to its own nature, and today it is a wonderful world to lead everyone into the Expanded Graphite:
  Expanded Graphite is a loose porous worm-like material made from natural flake graphite and is therefore called a graphite worm. Expanded Graphite is an extension of graphite products, Expanded Graphite is the most important feature is the use of graphite-specific thermal performance and conductivity to produce a variety of precision instruments can supply the conductive and heat dissipation, easy to install, easy to handle, both beautiful Have a practical effect. Expanded Graphite has a lot of performance advantages for industrial production:
First, the Expanded Graphite adsorption performance is particularly good.
       Due to the characteristics of the molecular structure of the Expanded Graphite, the pores are well developed and the medium is mainly mesoporous, so it is easy to adsorb macromolecular substances, especially non-polar macromolecules.
Second, the Expanded Graphite has a strong resistance to oxidation, corrosion resistance.
       In addition to Wang Shui, concentrated nitric acid, fuming sulfuric acid and high temperature potassium dichromate, permanganate and other few strong oxidants, almost all of the chemical resistance of the chemical Corrosion, the vast majority of inorganic acids, alkalis and salts are applicable.
Third, the Expanded Graphite has a strong resistance to radiation.
       The molecular characteristics of the Expanded Graphite itself can withstand the long-term irradiation of neutron rays, b-rays, gamma rays and other radioactive rays without decomposition, deformation and no aging.
Fourth, the Expanded Graphite has a strong resistance to high and low temperature performance.
       Expanded Graphite temperature range is very wide, can withstand -200 ℃ ultra-low temperature to 3600 ℃ high temperature. As a sealing material, in the non-oxidizing medium or inert gas, when used in the range of 200-2500 ℃, the high temperature does not soften, the temperature does not become brittle, especially because of pressure and high temperature alternating or subject to vibration, and sealing failure.
Fifth, the Expanded Graphite has a strong surface activity.
       Due to the rapid increase in the surface free energy of the Expanded Graphite, the surface activity is enhanced, and thus has strong adsorbability and self-adhesive properties, and can be directly pressed into various products even without any adhesive.
Six, Expanded Graphite has a strong anisotropy.
       Expanded Graphite has excellent anisotropy in heat transfer, conduction and thermal expansion, and the thermal conductivity in the plane layer is 28 times larger than the thickness direction and 500 times the conductivity.
       It is above these advantages, so that the Expanded Graphite in the industrial field hot. The current Expanded Graphite can do 30 microns of graphite paper, this product is very widely used, can be used as a mobile phone, such as smart phones, notebook computers, TV, and other related products, the use of very wide. Tin graphite has many years of experience in the production and Expanded Graphite, has its own mine resources, hope that customers across the country to visit the factory.