Spherical Graphite Used As Adsorbent Features And Advantages

Spherical Graphite used as adsorbent features and advantages

Spherical Graphite are very large in the modern industry, except as a flame retardant insulation material used in many industries, the Spherical Graphite because of its porous structure, also used as adsorbent absorb different oil or water. Spherical Graphite used as an adsorbent is of great advantage. Today, graphene is about the characteristics and advantages of Spherical Graphite as an adsorbent.

One, Spherical Graphite can be used as a very fine adsorbent.

Spherical Graphite is a kind of good performance of the adsorbent, especially it has porous structure, of organic compounds with strong adsorption ability, 1 g of Spherical Graphite can adsorption 80 g oil, then the Spherical Graphite are designed to all kinds of industrial oil and industrial oil adsorbent. Spherical Graphite is very easy to adsorb oil, organic molecules and hydrophobic substances, which are used for water conservation treatment. When it is used in the form of granular form for oil removal, depending on the size of the oil area and the type of oil, the amount of the oil is 1 ~ lo % / rn, and the adsorption time can be anywhere from 15 rain to several h.

2. Compared with other materials, the adsorbent of Spherical Graphite has great advantages.

Spherical Graphite has many advantages over other adsorbent. If activated carbon is used for water removal, it will sink after oil adsorption, small amount of adsorption and not easy to recycle. There are also some adsorbents, such as cotton, grass ash, polypropylene fiber, perlite and vermiculite, which absorb water while absorbing oil, which makes it difficult to deal with the aftertreatment. Spherical Graphite on oil adsorption quantity is large, floating in the water after oil absorption, easy to catch recycling, recycling process is simple, can use extrusion, centrifugal separation, vibration, solvent cleaning, combustion, heat extraction method, and no second pollution formed.

Visible Spherical Graphite is very suitable for adsorbent, graphite has been research in thirty years of Spherical Graphite production and processing, with rich production experience, can work out high quality Spherical Graphite to meet the needs of customers in all aspects, I hope there is demand of clients to visit our factory.

Spherical Graphite particle size is an important index to characterize its basic performance, and its particle size is closely related to its synergistic flame retardant performance. The smaller the granularity of Spherical Graphite, the longer the fireproof coating and the better the flame retardant performance. This may be because the Spherical Graphite with smaller particle size is more evenly distributed in the coating system, and the expansion effect is more effective when the same amount is added. The second is that the size of the Spherical Graphite is reduced by an hour, and the oxidizer which is enclosed in the graphite layer is more easily separated from the laminar when it is subjected to thermal shock, which increases the expansion ratio. Therefore, Spherical Graphite with small size is better.

With the extension of curing time, the drying time of coating is also prolonged. The remaining amount of volatile components in the coating is reduced, which means that the flammable components in the coating are reduced and the flame retardant refractory time is prolonged. Curing time itself depends on the coating properties, has nothing to do with Spherical Graphite nature itself, the actual application of fire retardant coating used in certain curing time is necessary, if steel fire-proof coating after inadequate curing time will affect its inherent fire retardant performance, make fire prevention performance degradation, thereby causing serious consequences.

Above is the Spherical Graphite factors affecting the flame retardancy, Spherical Graphite as a physical expansion packing, after heating to its initial expansion temperature change expansion and absorb a large amount of heat, can significantly reduce the system temperature, greatly improve the fireproof performance of fire retardant coating. Graphite reminds you that the optimum amount of Spherical Graphite is 6%. The addition of small size Spherical Graphite can improve the fire performance of the paint more effectively, and it is necessary to have the necessary curing time after coating painting.