Spherical Graphite Is Used As A Corrosion Resistant Material

Spherical Graphite is used as a corrosion resistant material
  Spherical Graphite with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, lubricity, conductivity and other properties, so in the industry is a large number of applications, is the basis of industrial raw materials. According to the characteristics of Spherical Graphite, can be made of high temperature materials, anti-corrosion materials, anti-static materials, etc., today, we talk about Spherical Graphite graphite in the application of corrosion-resistant materials:
       Spherical Graphite has good chemical stability. After the special processing of Spherical Graphite, with good thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, low permeability characteristics, made in the corrosion-resistant materials, Spherical Graphite and epoxy resin, pigments, curing agents, additives and solvents made of resistance Corrosive materials, with excellent adhesion and durability, corrosion resistance and impact resistance, water resistance, salt water resistance, oil resistance and acid corrosion resistance, anti-corrosion coatings, solid Spherical Graphite content, can be used as thick film Paint use, good solvent resistance, anti-corrosion coating in a large number of Spherical Graphite, film after the shielding strong, can effectively prevent the penetration of corrosive media to achieve the purpose of isolation rust.
       Spherical Graphite relies on its own superior performance, can be widely used in the production of heat exchangers, condensers, combustion towers, reaction tank, absorption tower, heaters, coolers, filters, pumps and other equipment. These equipment for the petrochemical, hydrometallurgical, acid and alkali production, synthetic fiber, paper and other industrial sectors, can save a lot of metal materials.
  The use of Spherical Graphite in the industry according to different requirements processed into different materials, and now use more of the Spherical Graphite made of industrial refractories, sealing materials, thermal radiation materials, conductive materials and corrosion-resistant materials, etc. , A variety of materials need to choose the Spherical Graphite is also different. Today, graphite small series for everyone to talk about Spherical Graphite industrial materials:
First, the Spherical Graphite processing of refractories.
       In the smelting industry, the use of Spherical Graphite manufacturing graphite crucible, steel ingot to protect the agent, do smelting furnace lining of magnesium carbon brick.
Second, the Spherical Graphite processing of sealing materials.
       With flexible Spherical Graphite processing for centrifugal pumps, turbines, steam turbines and corrosive media transmission equipment, piston ring washers, seals and so on.
Third, the Spherical Graphite processing of heat radiation materials.
       Spherical Graphite can be used as nuclear reactor neutron decelerator and rocket nozzles, aerospace equipment parts, insulation materials, radiation protection materials.
Fourth, Spherical Graphite processing of conductive materials.
    In the electrical industry, widely used Spherical Graphite electrode, brush, carbon tube and TV picture tube coating.
5, Spherical Graphite processing of corrosion-resistant materials.
       With Spherical Graphite for utensils, pipes and equipment, can withstand a variety of corrosive gases and liquid corrosion, widely used in petroleum, chemical, hydrometallurgical and other departments.
At present, the Spherical Graphite manufacturers in the graphite development carried out more research, with a view to the market as soon as possible to occupy a new energy place. The future direction of the development of Spherical Graphite should be more biased towards the development and application of new energy in the current scientific and environmental development trend of the environment, the pollution of new energy is undoubtedly more people of all ages, which for many graphite manufacturers, how to develop New energy and the use of new graphite energy, will become an important research project to study the use of Spherical Graphite is more optimized to use the direction of many manufacturers.
 Spherical Graphite due to the many stable characteristics, after being developed in the aerospace and other national defense science and technology role is also very obvious, the Spherical Graphite through new technology transformation and development, applied to more science and technology, is already a future development Trend.