Spherical Graphite Is One Of The Important Industrial Mineral Raw Materials In China

Spherical Graphite is one of the important industrial mineral raw materials in China
  As the world industry is developing by leaps and bounds, Spherical Graphite has been regarded as one of the important industrial mineral raw materials at home and abroad, especially in recent years, with the development of science and technology, Spherical Graphite play in all walks of life Important role.
    Spherical Graphite to maintain the original chemical properties of Spherical Graphite is resistant to acid, corrosion and physical properties, that is, high temperature 3000 ℃ low temperature -204 ℃, its compressive strength greater than 800kg / Cm2, and antioxidant, at 450 ℃ The air weight loss of 1%, the rebound rate of 15-50% (density 1.1-1.5). Also has a strong self-lubricating properties. Therefore, Spherical Graphite has been widely used in metallurgy, chemical, petrochemical, high-energy physics, aerospace , Electronics and so on.
    Through the rapid development of graphite in China, we use the characteristics of graphite, according to the needs of the project and dexterously made different types of Spherical Graphite: such as high purity Spherical Graphite, flexible Spherical Graphite, composite Spherical Graphite, etc. In order to improve the use of Spherical Graphite , And graphite and fiber (including synthetic fibers), metal wire, metal mesh, metal processing board together made of composite Spherical Graphite, and greatly increased the strength and elasticity of Spherical Graphite composite Spherical Graphite is mainly with the resin, (Including graphite, etc.) and semi-liquid Spherical Graphite (ie, graphite grease, etc.). Spherical Graphite in the various The field plays its vital role in sealing, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, conduction, insulation, compression, abrasion resistance and oxidation, which has attracted the attention of experts both at home and abroad.Of course, Spherical Graphite is also quietly entering Modern office supplies, in short, Spherical Graphite has been increasingly used by various industrial sectors, Spherical Graphite market is large and extensive.
Graphite is the organic matter of carbonaceous material metamorphism, the most common in the marble, schist or gneiss in the coal layer can be part of the formation of heat metamorphic graphite, and a small amount of graphite is igneous rock of the original minerals. Structure, with high temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, conductivity, lubricity, chemical stability and plasticity and many other features, has been the military and modern industry and high, new, sharp technology development indispensable important strategic resources, Spherical Graphite, such as graphite ring, graphite boat wide range of applications, international experts have predicted that "the 20th century is the century of silicon, the 21st century will be carbon century." As an important strategic non-metallic mineral products, the graphite industry will be implemented With the implementation of the access system, graphite, Spherical Graphite, will become the rare earth, fluorine chemical, phosphorus after the chemical industry, the leading companies in the field will enter a new stage of development.
 Inhalation of Spherical Graphite on the human body, the main component of Spherical Graphite is carbon, carbon structure is relatively stable, in the body will not be other components of decomposition and destruction, so the Spherical Graphite itself is non-toxic, but any Spherical Graphite in addition to containing carbon There are other impurities, although the carbon can not cause harm to the human body, but does not rule out other impurities can cause the body's poisoning or other harm to the human body. Therefore, if there is no protection of the case, long-term inhalation is also easy to cause occupational diseases, so the main masks.
  Spherical Graphite contains fine dust particles, it is difficult to see by the naked eye, but once the inhalation will cause the lungs were significantly black throughout the lungs along the branch, prone to pneumoconiosis. China has now carbon black pneumoconiosis as a range of occupational diseases, so in a Spherical Graphite dust environment should pay attention to regular inspection, usually must bring safety masks.
       It can be seen, although the Spherical Graphite does not directly cause harm to the human body, but its large number of long-term particles in the human body is easy to produce pneumoconiosis and other lung disease. Tian Shengda graphite remind you that in the case of Spherical Graphite dust must work with a protective mask to protect themselves to prevent the inhalation of graphite particles in the body have a bad effect.