New Use Of Graphite

With the development of science and technology, it also developed a number of new uses for graphite.

Flexible graphite products. Flexible graphite, also known as graphite, is the development of a new type of graphite products.

1971 United States research of flexible graphite sealing materials, solve the problem of valve leakage of atomic energy, followed by Germany, Japan and France also began to develop and produce. This product not only has the properties of natural graphite, also has a special flexible and elastic.

It is therefore an ideal sealing material. Widely used in petroleum chemical industry and atomic power industry. International market demand is increasing.

Light industrial applications

In addition, the graphite is light industrial polishing agent and rust-proof agent for glass and paper, is the manufacture of pencils, ink, black paint, ink and synthetic diamond, diamond essential raw materials. It is a very good energy saving materials, United States used it as a car battery. With the development of science, technology and industry, graphite applications continues to expand, has become an important raw material in the field of high-tech composites, plays an important role in the national economy.