New Opportunities For Spherical Graphite Industry

"Spherical Graphite access conditions" provides that open-pit mine mining volume of not less than 500,000 tons / year, underground mining capacity of not less than 100,000 tons / year. The recovery rate of open pit mining is not less than 90%, and the recovery rate of underground mining is not less than 70%. Which also makes the Spherical Graphite reserves of small enterprises will face the fate of being eliminated. According to the National Mineral Reserves Commission of the size of the deposit scale and the "access conditions" on the Spherical Graphite mining enterprises the minimum production capacity of the provisions of the existing small crystalline Spherical Graphite ore will be eliminated, and medium-sized mine out of 60% Calculation, the country is about to be eliminated by the number of crystalline Spherical Graphite ore more than 50, accounting for 56% of the existing mine.
"Access conditions" proposed, new and expansion of Spherical Graphite project to encourage the use of more broken less grinding, grinding short process, energy saving and environmental protection technology, to encourage the use of large crushing and grinding equipment, large vertical mill, automatic frame Filter press, with desulfurization functional calender and other advanced equipment, to adopt the mining conditions for advanced mining mining methods, appropriate to improve the level of automation. This is the Spherical Graphite mining enterprise equipment quality and technical level put forward higher requirements, but also improve the overall technical level of the industry. Some of the technical level behind the assessment of non-compliance and high pollution, high energy consumption, low-cost mining of Spherical Graphite mining enterprises will be eliminated, backward production capacity will eventually withdraw from the market. Undoubtedly, this will be conducive to the norms and stability of the Spherical Graphite market, as well as the whole industry to benign development, orderly track of competition.
From the long-term interests, the Spherical Graphite enterprises to achieve high levels of technology and equipment, high technological processes, high environmental standards, enterprise chain and other long-term goals, we must raise the access threshold, the development of industry standards and access conditions.
At present, deep processing project is difficult to operate, but also by the impact of product prices, it is difficult to ensure that the profits and benefits. If you have the industry access standards, has been launched on the deep processing of resources for a reasonable allocation of resources, will be able to ensure the normal production and rapid development, help to form a certain scale of the Spherical Graphite industry chain. The head of a large Spherical Graphite producer expressed support for the "access conditions".
Blacksmith also need their own hard. At present, the Spherical Graphite industry has great potential has not yet been fully developed. For example, the value of deep processing of Spherical Graphite has not been excavated. Although many companies plan some deep processing products, such as high purity Spherical Graphite, high thermal conductivity Spherical Graphite, lithium battery anode materials, but the real investment in the production of small enterprises. For the Spherical Graphite enterprises, it is now with the "access conditions" the introduction of the machine, actively practicing the internal strength of the time, one is to optimize the adjustment of product structure, extend the industrial chain, from rough processing to intensive processing; the second is to enhance independent innovation And technological transformation capabilities, enhance core competitiveness.
Spherical Graphite industry future market prospects are very broad. In the traditional application areas of Spherical Graphite consumption on the basis of a stable pull, emerging areas have gradually become Spherical Graphite products in the future market growth point. At present, the refractory industry is still an important area of Spherical Graphite consumption, accounting for about 45% of the total Spherical Graphite consumption. In addition, the demand for Spherical Graphite products will continue to upgrade, spherical Spherical Graphite, flexible Spherical Graphite, Spherical Graphite electrodes, spherical Spherical Graphite and other processed products will become the new market development direction. In the future, the degree of specialization of Spherical Graphite products is increasing. To meet the downstream areas of high-performance, professional demand for Spherical Graphite materials products will become the mainstream, from the Spherical Graphite raw materials to deep processing and the direction of its products will gradually develop the trend.
Enterprise inventory is high, the market disorderly competition situation will be improved. At the same time, some leading enterprises can also be more energy into the technical level to enhance the production of more quality products. Spherical Graphite market development and product upgrades of great potential will also provide a good development space for the industry to promote the healthy and sustainable development of Spherical Graphite industry.