New Application Of Expanded Graphite

New Application of Expanded Graphite
       China is a large exporter of graphite resources, Expanded Graphite product upgrades and new applications have also been more research in recent years the state for the new energy field is very important, so that the trend of many expansive graphite scholars began to study the expansion of graphite new usage. Today, graphite small series for everyone to talk about the new application of Expanded Graphite:
First, the expansion of graphite in the battery industry performance upgrade.
       The development and use of new energy is already a trend of economic and social development, which brings pressure to the traditional battery industry, but also brings a lot of business opportunities, how to upgrade the use of Expanded Graphite to enhance battery performance , So that the battery has a better effect, for many expansive graphite technology developers is a need to solve the problem.
Second, the expansion of graphite in the field of aerospace applications.
       Expanded Graphite has many stable characteristics, after being developed, in the aerospace and other national defense science and technology role is also very obvious, the expansion of graphite through new technology transformation and development, applied to more areas of science and technology, is already a future development Trend.
Third, the expansion of graphite in the field of new energy development and application.
       At present, the expansion of graphite manufacturers in the graphite development carried out more research, with a view to the market as soon as possible to occupy a new place of energy. Expanded Graphite future development direction should be more biased towards new energy research and development and application, in the current scientific and environmental development trend of the environment, pollution-free new energy is undoubtedly more people of all ages, which for many graphite manufacturers, how to develop New energy and the use of new graphite energy, will become an important research project to study the use of Expanded Graphite is more optimized to use the direction of many manufacturers.
       In summary, the expansion of graphite as a limited resource in the new areas continue to develop new value-added, enhance the industrial value is the next important development direction. The new application of Expanded Graphite not only helps people solve problems in many areas, but also tap the potential of Expanded Graphite, so that Expanded Graphite resources in industrial production play a greater role.
Expanded Graphite is not only widely used in industry, but also in the field of environmental protection. Expanded Graphite's own product characteristics and advantages make it an important environmental material, in the environmental protection plays a huge role. Many people call it an important green material, today's graphite Xiaobian for everyone to analyze why the expansion of graphite is an important environmental protection materials:
       Expanded Graphite because of its good adsorption capacity is used as an adsorption material, the expansion of graphite adsorption capacity is mainly used in two areas: adsorption of heavy oil and other oil substances and the absorption of harmful gases.
First, the expansion of graphite can absorb heavy oil and other oil substances.
       Expanded Graphite is a good performance of the adsorbent, in particular, it has a loose porous structure, organic compounds with a strong adsorption capacity, 1g of Expanded Graphite can absorb 80g of oil, so the expansion of graphite was designed as a variety of industrial oils and industrial oil Of the adsorbent.
1, Expanded Graphite as a new type of adsorbent due to the large internal mesh.
       Different from other materials of the adsorbent, Expanded Graphite internal molecules to the main hole, and most of the connected state, the inter-layer network connectivity is better. For the adsorption of heavy oil of this organic macromolecule has a very good effect. Heavy oil molecules are easy to enter and quickly spread in their network system until they are full of connected internal holes. Therefore, the expansion of graphite adsorption effect is better.
2, Expanded Graphite as a new type of adsorbent due to the analysis of surface pores more.
       Expanded Graphite worms and worms between the teeth, the formation of surface holes are more conducive to the adsorption of macromolecular substances, showing a large amount of adsorption, which can solve the oil, organic non-polar substances.