Graphite Coatings

Flake graphite as functional filler for paints mainly used in anti-corrosion paints, fire retardant paint, and conductive coatings.

As corrosion-resistant materials, and carbon black, talcum powder and oil made of rust-proof primer has good resistance to chemicals and solvents corrosion if recipe added chemicals such as zinc yellow pigments, rust better.

Expandable graphite is used for fireproofing filler, it is natural graphite flakes as raw material, obtained by chemical or electrochemical processing of graphite intercalation compounds. Expandable graphite in the heating conditions, swell in size (up to a maximum of 300 times) choked the flame, producing swelling, reaching isolated flame, delay or interrupt the spread of flame and does not burn, good flexibility, high surface energy, carbonized layer strength. But expansion of the amount of volume and to select appropriate. Tests showed that expansion multiple of 150um particles, 30%, 5% the most appropriate.

Conductive filler graphite can be used directly as a carbon composite conductive fillers for conductive coatings. However, due to the large amount of graphite flakes will make coat of brittle and its application are subject to certain restrictions. Therefore, measures to further improve the electrical conductivity of graphite, effectively reducing the amount of graphite flakes. Tianhua Institute of chemical machinery in China developed a high temperature and corrosion-resistant resin as the binder, graphite Flake conductive ability strong large-entity for the main aggregates, with good body strength, high wear-resistant.