Expanded Graphite Is One Of The Important Industrial Mineral Raw Materials In China

As the world industry is developing by leaps and bounds, expansive graphite has been regarded as one of the important industrial mineral raw materials at home and abroad, especially in recent years, with the development of science and technology, expanding graphite in all walks of life play a crucial An important role.
Expanded Graphite to maintain the original chemical properties of scalable graphite is the acid resistance, corrosion resistance and physical properties, that is, high temperature 3000 ℃ low temperature -204 ℃, its compressive strength greater than 800kg / Cm2, and antioxidant, in the 450 ℃ air weight loss of 1%, the rebound rate of 15-50% (density 1.1-1.5). Also has a strong self-lubricating properties. Therefore, Expanded Graphite has been widely used in metallurgy, chemical, petrochemical, high-energy physics, Aerospace, electronics and so on.
Through the rapid development of China's Expanded Graphite, we use the characteristics of Expanded Graphite, according to the needs of the project and dexterously made different types of Expanded Graphite: such as high-purity Expanded Graphite, flexible graphite expansion, composite graphite, etc. In order to improve the expansion of graphite The use of performance, but also the expansion of graphite and fiber (including synthetic fibers), wire, metal mesh, metal processing board together made of composite graphite, and greatly increased the strength and elasticity of Expanded Graphite.Compared with the expansion of graphite (Such as Expanded Graphite, etc.) and semi-liquid Expanded Graphite (ie, Expanded Graphite grease, etc.), as well as liquid, . Expanded Graphite in all areas play its seal, temperature, corrosion resistance, conductive, insulation, compression, wear resistance, antioxidant and other vital role, has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign experts. Of course, the expansion of graphite Also quietly into the modern office supplies, in short expansion of graphite has been increasingly used by various industrial sectors, expanding graphite market is ambitious and extensive.
Expanded Graphite is an organic carbonaceous material that is the most common in marble, schist or gneiss. The coal seam can form Expanded Graphite by heat metamorphism and a small amount of Expanded Graphite is the primary mineral of igneous rocks. Because of its special structure, with high temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, conductivity, lubricity, chemical stability and plasticity and many other features, has been the military and modern industry and high, new, sharp technology development indispensable important Strategic resources, such as Expanded Graphite ring, Expanded Graphite boat wide range of applications, international experts have predicted that "the 20th century is the century of silicon, the 21st century will be carbon century." As an important strategic non-metallic mineral products, The expansion of graphite industry will be implemented access management.With the implementation of the access system, the expansion of graphite, Expanded Graphite, will become the rare earth, fluorine chemical, phosphorus chemical after another, the leading companies in the field will enter a new stage of development The
In the electrolysis between the two electrodes filled with Expanded Graphite and hydrofluoric acid suspension, in the role of circulating pump into a closed loop flow. The actual application of the suspension in the expansion of graphite solids content of 10%, hydrofluoric acid water 1%, in the argon atmosphere electrolysis tank temperature -20 $, applied voltage 8V, the average current density of 5 x 104A / m2, lg Expanded Graphite or carbon material, power 2x 103 ~ 2x 106C, this time can be 100% fluorinated Expanded Graphite. When the power reaches 7.0 x 104C, the reaction is completed.
Yin and Yang bipolar installation requirements: the best distance between the two plates, the general 1 ~ 5mm. The distance between the two electrodes, the distance between the anode and the separator is 2mm, the distance between the cathode and the separator is 3mm, and the closed circuit is formed between the separator and the plate.
When the suspension of the hydrofluoric acid suspension containing Expanded Graphite is finished, it can be released from the row and the fluorinated Expanded Graphite is separated by filtration. Liquid acid back to reuse. While the suspension of the electrolysis reaction was discharged, a new suspension to be reacted was added, and the electrolysis was continuously carried out.