Expanded Graphite Is An Important Environmental Material

Expanded graphite is an important environmental material
    Expanded graphite is not only widely used in industry, but also in the field of environmental protection. Expanded  graphite's own product characteristics and advantages make it an  important environmental material, in the environmental protection plays a  huge role. A lot of people call it an important green materials, today's  graphite small series for everyone to analyze why the expansion of  graphite is an important environmental materials:
       Expanded graphite because of its good adsorption capacity is used as  an adsorption material, the expansion of graphite adsorption capacity is  mainly used in two areas: adsorption of heavy oil and other oil  substances and the absorption of harmful gases.
First, the expansion of graphite can absorb heavy oil and other oil substances.
       Expanded  graphite is an excellent adsorbent, especially it has a loose porous  structure, the organic compounds with a strong adsorption capacity, 1g  of expanded graphite can absorb 80g of oil, so the expansion of graphite  was designed as a variety of industrial oils and industrial oil Of the adsorbent.
1, expanded graphite as a new type of adsorbent due to the large internal mesh.
       Different  from other materials of the adsorbent, expanded graphite internal  molecules to the main hole, and most of the connected state, the  inter-layer network connectivity is better. For the adsorption of heavy oil of this organic macromolecule has a very good effect. Heavy  oil molecules are easy to enter and quickly spread in their network  system until they are full of connected internal holes. Therefore, the expansion of graphite adsorption effect is better.
2, expanded graphite as a new type of adsorbent due to the analysis of surface pores are more.
       The expansion of graphite worms and worms between the teeth, the  formation of surface holes are more conducive to the adsorption of  macromolecular substances, showing a large amount of adsorption, which  can solve the oil, organic non-polar substances.
Second, the expansion of graphite can adsorb SO and other harmful gases.
       Expanded  graphite also has obvious adsorption effect on SO gas. The adsorption  effect is closely related to the temperature, and the adsorption effect  in the high temperature state is more remarkable. At low temperature, the adsorption of SO on the expansion of  graphite to the main physical adsorption, high temperature, the chemical  adsorption greatly increased, so the high temperature adsorption effect  is also playing to enhance.
    Expanded  graphite is the most commonly used in the industry of fire protection  materials, expanded graphite fire effect is very significant, and  cost-effective, no side effects. In the daily industrial applications, many customers attach great  importance to how to match the expansion of graphite in order to achieve  the best flame retardant effect, today, Shengda graphite small series  for everyone to talk about the impact of expansion of graphite flame  retardant factors:
First, the impact of the amount of expanded graphite on the flame retardant properties.
       When  the amount of expanded graphite is less than 6%, the effect of expanded  graphite on the flame retardant effect of the fire retardant coating is  obviously increased. However, when the amount of expanded graphite is more than 6%, the  flame retardancy is increased slowly or even without increasing, so the  optimum amount of expanded graphite in fireproof coating is 6%.
Second, the impact of expanded graphite particle size on the flame retardant properties.
       The  granularity of expanded graphite is an important indicator of its basic  performance, and its particle size is closely related to its  synergistic flame retardancy. The  smaller the particle size of the expanded graphite, the longer the  refractory coating fire resistance, the better the flame retardant  performance. This  may be due to the fact that the expanded graphite, which is smaller in  particle size, is more evenly dispersed in the coating system and the  expansion is more effective in the case of the same amount of addition;  and because the size of the expanded graphite is reduced, the oxidant  enclosed between the graphite layers Subject to thermal shock more easily separated from the sheet, increasing the expansion rate. Therefore, the small diameter of the expanded graphite fire better performance.