Expanded Graphite Is An Important Environmental Protection Material

Expanded Graphite is an important environmental protection material

Expanded Graphite is not only widely used in industry, but also used in environmental protection. The product features and advantages of Expanded Graphite make it an important environmental protection material and play a huge role in environmental protection. Many people call it the important green environmental material. Today, we have a graphite in the sky and we will analyze why the Expanded Graphite is an important environmental protection material:

Expanded Graphite because of its good adsorption capacity is used as adsorption material, adsorption capacity of Expanded Graphite mainly on two aspects: adsorption of heavy oil and other oil material things and absorb harmful gas.

1. Expansion graphite can adsorb heavy oil and other oil substances.

Expanded Graphite is a kind of good performance of the adsorbent, especially it has porous structure, of organic compounds with strong adsorption ability, Expanded Graphite can adsorption 80 g 1 g oil, so the Expanded Graphite was designed to all kinds of industrial oil and industrial oil adsorbent.

1. Expanded Graphite as a new type of adsorbent due to the large hole in the Intranet.

Unlike the adsorbent of other materials, the Expanded Graphite internal molecules are mainly in the middle and large holes, and most of them are connected, and the network connectivity between the layers is better. The organic macromolecule that adsorbs this heavy oil has good effect. Heavy oil molecules are easily accessible and quickly spread through their networks until they are filled with interconnected internal holes. Therefore, the adsorption effect of Expanded Graphite is better.

2. The Expanded Graphite as a new adsorbent is due to more analysis table faces.

Between the Expanded Graphite worm and worm gear, the formation of table face more, also is advantageous to the macromolecular material adsorption, showed a larger adsorption capacity, which can solve the oil, organic nonpolar substances.

2. The Expanded Graphite can adsorb SO and SO on harmful gases.

The expansion graphite has obvious adsorption effect on SO gas, and the adsorption effect is closely related to the temperature, and the adsorption effect of the high temperature state is more significant. At low temperature, the adsorption of the Expanded Graphite to SO is mainly physical adsorption. At high temperature, the adsorption effect of chemical adsorption is greatly increased, SO the adsorption effect of high temperature is also increased.

Can be made of Expanded Graphite after high temperature expansion, Expanded Graphite, Expanded Graphite expansion under high temperature, the volume increases rapidly, so the density of Expanded Graphite expansion after generally smaller than natural graphite hundreds, specific surface area is increased greatly, with the increase of material of the specific surface area, surface free energy will increase quickly, make its surface activity increases, the surface adsorption force increase, so the Expanded Graphite lubrication and improve the permeability of the gas and liquid is reduced, but its chemical properties as well as natural graphite, almost without any chemical corrosion, this way after processing is made of graphite packing sealing, high temperature resistant, resistant to wear and tear, is indispensable for the raw material of mechanical seal.

The Expanded Graphite can reduce the thermal conductivity of the material and achieve the flame retardant effect. If the expansion graphite is directly added, the carbon layer structure formed after combustion will not be dense. Therefore, in industrial production, to add the expansion graphite, it can have a very good flame retardant effect in the process of thermal expansion and Expanded Graphite.