Expandable Graphite Electrode Industry Development Bottleneck, To Eliminate Difficulties And A New High

Now China's expansible graphite electrode industry development bottleneck, how to rule out the elimination of all the hardships and new high has been a top priority, and now summed up a few hope that we all have the same feeling.
1, to optimize the industrial structure of Expandable Graphite electrode, to improve the technical content of Expandable Graphite electrode, and now many manufacturers only weight is not heavy quality, low-cost occupation of the market, rather than technology to capture the market, leading to China's Expandable Graphite electrode industry Low-end market, the market competitiveness is not strong.
2, to strengthen enterprise management, the introduction of Expandable Graphite electrode technical personnel. To take high-end research and development, improve product quality, improve the previous dirty, chaotic, poor, safe and secure phenomenon.
3, to improve market visibility. A manufacturer without a brand, no visibility, will lose a lot of sales opportunities.
Expandable Graphite plate We all know that it is a refractory material, it is widely used, not only can be used as refractory materials, but also wear materials, lubricants, sealing materials, corrosion resistance, high temperature, etc., in short, Wide, but its life has been a difficult problem for users, today Xiaobian to tell you how to improve the life of the expansive graphite plate. Expandable Graphite sheet
First of all, the quality of the graphite plate in the production process is the quality of the impact of the life of the direct factors, so the production process requires strict quality control, so that products can pass the standard, and secondly, is to pay attention to Expandable Graphite anode Whether the board's workplace is good and the good use of the environment is the key to life. In the production process, should avoid the impact of extrusion, keep the working environment clean, you can regularly detect the circuit, the best temperature in the organization of production, reduce the degree of oxidation of its air, and finally, the use of high-quality Expandable Graphite plate to extend its life The Conductivity, bulk density, compressive strength, resistivity and other physical and chemical properties to improve the improvement. Do you learn some new knowledge by improving the life of the expansive graphite sheet? Mastering this knowledge can be used to avoid some improper use, for the expansion of the graphite plate can be very helpful.
Expandable Graphite material is mainly composed of polycrystalline Expandable Graphite, belonging to the inorganic non-metallic materials, but it has good thermal and electrical conductivity and is called semi-metal. Expandable Graphite has a higher heat than some metals , Electrical conductivity, and has a much lower than the metal thermal expansion coefficient, high melting point and chemical stability, which makes it in the engineering application has important value. Expandable Graphite has a good corrosion resistance, Does not react with any organic compounds.
Expandable Graphite is a high temperature resistant material, which can not melt at high temperatures. Expandable Graphite also has good thermal shock resistance.
Expandable Graphite has good self-lubricating properties.
The disadvantage of the expansive graphite is that the resistance is poor and the oxidation rate is exacerbated as the temperature increases.
In terms of long-term interests, expansive graphite enterprises to achieve high levels of technology and equipment, high technological processes, high environmental standards, enterprise chain and other long-term goals, we must raise the access threshold to develop industry standards and access conditions.
At present, deep processing project is difficult to operate, but also by the impact of product prices, it is difficult to ensure that the profits and benefits. If you have the industry access standards, has been launched into the deep processing of rational allocation of resources, will be able to ensure the normal production and rapid development, help to form a certain scale of the expansion of the graphite industry chain. The head of a large swellable graphite producer expressed support for the "access conditions".
Blacksmith also need their own hard. At present, the expansion of the graphite industry has great potential has not yet been fully developed. For example, the value of deep processing of Expandable Graphite has not yet been excavated. Although many companies plan a number of deep processing products, such as high-purity Expandable Graphite, high thermal conductivity Expandable Graphite, lithium battery anode materials, but the real investment in the production of small enterprises. For the expansion of graphite enterprises, it is now with the "access conditions" the introduction of the machine, and actively practicing the internal strength of the time, one is to optimize the adjustment of product structure, extend the industrial chain, from rough processing to intensive processing; Innovation and technological transformation, and enhance core competitiveness.