Classification And Fire Protection Of Expandable Graphite

Classification and fire protection of Expandable Graphite
       Expandable Graphite is widely used in industry and plays an important role in a variety of fields. Expandable Graphite according to different industrial needs different types of applications, to be applied to Expandable Graphite, it is necessary to understand the classification and use of Expandable Graphite, today, we discuss the classification of graphite and expand the use of fire :
First, the definition of Expandable Graphite.
       Expandable Graphite is a special processing technology made of Expandable Graphite used in natural flake graphite as the production of raw materials, both to retain the natural flake graphite good lubrication performance, high temperature performance, corrosion resistance, etc., and cocoa Expanded graphite unique characteristics.
Second, the classification of Expandable Graphite.
       Expandable Graphite specifications are larger in size, which is based on industrial use. Only Expandable Graphite can be used in industry-wide specification to maximize the industrial use of Expandable Graphite. Expandable Graphite specifications in industrial On the application of the most is 50 and 80 mesh these two specifications, the two cocoa expansive graphite specifications to the greatest extent possible to meet the needs of industrial production.
Third, the use of Expandable Graphite fire.
       Expandable Graphite specifications are made for their use and industrial production needs, Expandable Graphite applications are mainly used in the field of fire and Expandable Graphite production areas. Expandable Graphite with rapid heat or high temperature expansion, can be made of Expandable Graphite fire products, fire occurs when the rapid expansion, play a block and choke the role of flame, which is the use of Expandable Graphite fire.
 In various fields of industry, often choose to expand the graphite as a thermal insulation materials for processing production. What are the characteristics and advantages of the expansive graphite to make it a hot choice material, Expandable Graphite is through what process to achieve the purpose of thermal insulation flame it, today we talk about why graphite graphite is The best choice for thermal insulation materials:
 Expandable Graphite is a natural flake graphite that has been chemically treated from scaly to loose, porous worm-like graphite. In industrial production, Expandable Graphite forms a tough carbon layer on the surface of the polymer, separating the combustible from the heat source; absorbing heat in the process of expansion, reducing the temperature of the system; releasing the acid in the interlayer during the expansion Ions, promote dehydration carbonation, and can combine the free radicals generated by combustion to interrupt the chain reaction. Expandable Graphite and phosphorus compounds, metal oxides can produce a synergistic effect, add a small amount can achieve the purpose of flame retardant.
       Expandable Graphite for thermal insulation has a huge advantage:
One, Expandable Graphite produces less smoke and has a significant effect.
       In general, in order to make the object has a fire-retardant fire function, will add halogen-containing flame retardant, but will produce smoke and acid gases, which will affect people's health will also corrode indoor equipment; will add metal hydroxide, but Will have a great impact on the impact resistance and mechanical strength of the plastic or substrate; it will also add phosphorus flame retardant, but in the case of air is not very smooth will have a serious impact on people. Expandable Graphite is even more ideal. Will produce very little smoke and the flame retardant effect is remarkable.
Second, Expandable Graphite can improve the processing temperature of flame retardant materials.
       In industrial production, it is commonly used in the engineering plastics by adding flame retardants, but because of the low decomposition temperature, will lead to decomposition will eventually lead to failure. The physical properties of the Expandable Graphite are stable and does not affect the quality of the processed material, resulting in improved flame retardant properties.
Third, the expansion of graphite has a good insulation, anti-corrosion properties.
       Expandable Graphite is a corrosion-resistant material that exists in a stable crystalline form. Not because of limited shelf life and stability, in the decomposition, oxidation deterioration until failure.