Application Of Expandable Graphite In Flame Retardant And Fireproof Range

Application of Expandable Graphite in Flame Retardant and Fireproof Range
1. fire seal
Due to the shrinkability of the Expandable Graphite, low temperature resistance and thermal insulation, making it a good seal material, and is widely used. There are two main ways: the first is the expansion of graphite and rubber materials, inorganic flame retardants (aluminum hydroxide), accelerators, curing agent, reinforcing agent, such as the suspension of mixing, into a variety of plastic Specifications of the shrink seal. Secondary for fire doors, fire glass windows and other places. This seal has the effect of blocking the flue gas activity from beginning to end in the fire. The other is the use of glass fiber as a carrier using some kind of binder will be Expandable Graphite bonded to the carrier, it is used in the manufacture of fire doors.
2. fire bag, fire blocking material, fire ring
As the expansible graphite in the low temperature conditions have a high shrinkage, can produce fire bags, fire blocking material, as an invalid shrinkage of fire-retardant information for the construction of the fire block. Such as sealing the construction of the pipeline, in the cable, gas pipeline fire to avoid the spread of fire.
3. Fire board
Due to the small density of Expandable Graphite, crystal firm, commonly used in firewood mixture, the purpose is to add the plate fire function, reduce the density of the plate to enhance the insulation function. Shrinkage of graphite is often used as a flake, which can be used to make fire-resistant panels for wall and other combustible substrates in which coarse-sized natural flakes of graphite particles can be indirectly pressed into boards, At the time of attack, the coarse particles of graphite can be shrunk to form a more dense fire barrier.
4. Flame retardant coating
In recent years, Expandable Graphite is being used in flame retardant coatings, which can impart excellent heat shrinkability to coatings. The United States recently proposed a fiber reinforced materials, Expandable Graphite, solid endothermic data, polymer binder and other components of the flame retardant coating, can be used for fiberboard, wood yang coating. The coating suppresses the lack of flue gas in the past. In the fire can quickly shrink the composition of light carbon layer, and the release of gas (such as: SO2, NO, etc.) less. Can be invalid for the substrate to stop fire maintenance. But the black appearance of the graphite limits its use. After the appearance of modified to change its color, add the color of the paint type, so that the color can withstand the masses, is the focus of the study effect.
5. Flame retardant plastic
Expandable Graphite charcoal composed of carbonized layer with excellent heat insulation, low temperature function. Expandable Graphite is the only contraction agent found so far for harsh conditions and with sufficient shrinkage strength. The use of Expandable Graphite in flame-retardant plastics is primarily the use of expandable and adiabatic properties of Expandable Graphite. Such as: dispersed in the polyurethane foam in the shrinkage of graphite sheet can prevent the extinguishment, weaken the fire, but also play the role of insulation.
The flame retardant of the Expandable Graphite is a flame retardant mechanism of the condensed phase. It is a flame retardant by the delayed or infused solid matter. It is heated to a certain extent and the expansible graphite expands at the end to form a very thick Of the porous carbonized layer, the carbonization layer has sufficient thermal resistance to the flame retardant body and heat source separated, thus delaying the termination of polymer decomposition, and its own non-toxic, heat does not attack toxic and corrosive gases, and can greatly Reduce the amount of smoke.