Natural Flake Graphite Mine

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The flake graphite is natural crystalline crystalline graphite, which is similar to fish phosphorus. It belongs to hexagonal crystal system and has a layered structure. It has good high temperature resistance, good electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity, good lubrication, good plasticity and acid and alkali resistance.

Natural flake graphite powder is widely used in many fields: 

1) as mould release lubricant in the production of catalyst in chemical fertilizer industry; as basic material of high-temperature or corrosive resistant lubricants; 

2) as mould release agent in powder metallurgy or raw material in metal alloy; 

3) to manufacture carbon mould resistance, dried electrical conductive film and electrical conductive liquid; 

4) as filling agents or catalysts of rubber, plastics and varieties of composite materials which can improve conductivity, wear resistance and pressure resistance.