3285 Large Natural Flake Graphite

3285 Large Natural Flake Graphite
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The flake graphite is soft, black and gray, with a greasy feel. Under conditions of complete air isolation, flake graphite has a melting point above 3000℃ and is one of the most temperature-resistant minerals found so far, and it has good conductivity and thermal conductivity.

Lubricity: Flake graphite is a special lubricant.

High temperature resistance: Flake graphite is one of the most high temperature resistant materials with a maximum temperature of 3800 °C.

Chemical function: It has good chemical non-interference at room temperature and is resistant to acid and alkali and organic solvents.

Thermal conductivity: Flake graphite is one hundred times more conductive than ordinary non-metal, and its thermal conductivity is not only higher than that of steel, iron, lead and other metal materials. Moreover, as the temperature rises, the thermal conductivity decreases, and even at extremely high temperatures, the graphite is in an adiabatic state.

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