Nature of graphite

Property of elemental carbon at room temperature is more stable, insoluble in water, dilute acids,

Dilute alkalis and organic solvents; reacts with oxygen at high temperature combustion, carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide; only by direct reaction of fluorine with elemental carbon in halogen; heat, elemental carbon is easily oxidized by acids; at elevated temperatures carbon reacts with many metals, metal carbides. Carbon reduction, metal at high temperature. In addition, the study found that in recent years, there may be dissolved by chlorosulfonic acid to form single-layer Graphene chlorosulfonic acid "solution".

Graphite is a crystalline mineral carbon element, it's Crystal grid is hexagonal layered structure. Distance between each network layer 340pm of carbon atoms in the same network layer spacing is 142pm;. A hexagonal crystal system, with complete layered cleavage. Cleavage of molecular bonds, less attractive to molecules, so its natural to float well. Graphite and diamond, carbon 60, carbon nanotubes are of elemental carbon, they each allotrope.